About Us

NIDA...for a new order

The Nigerian Infrastructure Development Association (NIDA) is registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as an Incorporated Trusteeship with Registration Certificate dated 5th day of June 2014.

NIDA as a non-profit, inter-professional membership organisation was created to develop and disseminate learning, best practice and innovative solutions for infrastructure promoters, practitioners, academics and all those connected with planning and delivery of existing or proposed projects and programmes in Nigeria including but not limited to the following sectors:

i. Building and Construction Sector;
ii. Commercial Facilities Sector (Markets, Shopping Malls, Hotels, etc);
iii. Communications and Digital Technology Sector;
iv. Electricity and Power Supply Sector;
v. Financial Services Sector;
vi. Food and Agriculture Sector;
vii. Social Systems Sector (Health, Education, Sports, Correctional Facilities, etc);
viii. Solid Waste Management Systems;
ix. Transportation Systems and Logistics Sector; and
x. Water Supply and Wastewater Management Systems.

What makes us different