Welcome to Nigerian Infrastructure Development Association (NIDA)

...for a new order

NIDA is a national inter - professional association for infrastructure planners, practitioners, academics, financiers and stakeholders advocating and promoting innovative,
sustainable, efficient and inclusive paths to planning and execution of infrastructure projects and programs.

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  • Building Relationships
    ...for a new order

    We advocate and promote an effective, accountable, efficient, fair and inclusive system for the planning and authorisation of national infrastructure projects and act as a single voice for those involved in national infrastructure planning and supervision.

  • Provide Inclusive Platform
    ...for a new order

    We participate in debates and providing an inter-professional platform for studies and analyses on existing or proposed national infrastructure projects and programmes.

  • Promoting Innovation
    ...for a new order

    We develop, share and champion best practice to drive innovation, inclusivity, resilience, and sustainability; and improve knowledge, skills, understanding and engagement on national infrastructure matters.

Our Commitments

We @ NIDA are a group of passionate and committed intrastructure practitioners, planning and executing infrastructural projects and programs.


To have world-class infrastructure across Nigeria – all sectors all the time.

  • Advocating innovation.
  • Efficient planning.
  • Sustainability.


To organise and prepare infrastructure professionals in Nigeria including planners, practitioners, academics, financiers, and other stakeholders for leading roles in the new global order.

  • Championing excellence.
  • Providing opportunities.
  • Knowledge-sharing and networking.


NIDA as a non-profit, inter-professional membership organisation was created to develop and disseminate learning, best practice and innovative solutions for infrastructure promoters, practitioners, academics and all those connected with planning and delivery of existing or proposed projects and programmes in Nigeria including but not limited to the following sectors:

  • Building and construction sector.
  • Commercial facilities sector
  • Financial services sector.

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