Nigeria Infrastructure Forum (NIF) is the flagship Annual International Conference convened by NIDA in the 4th quarter of every year.
The Forum welcomes government Invited Speakers, Members, International Organisations and Donor Agencies, Utility Companies, Financial Investors, Project Developers, Technology Providers and the Advisory Sector, etc, to discuss current/projected trends in technology and policy issues in Infrastructure, Infrrastructure-financing, and other related matters towards upgrading and enriching Nigeria’s Infrastructure Assets.

– Establish a network for sharing, collating, synthesising, analysing and disseminating information and know-how relating to PPP best practice, in particular project inception, financing, management and monitoring;
– Provide guidance and support to public and private sector institutions relating to the design and staffing of bodies for the regulation and management of 3Ps;
– Organise and facilitate regular professional meetings and training events with a general or sectoral focus;
Through these processes and activities, the NIDA Network Dialogue contributes to the enhancement of the role that 3Ps play in leveraging and mobilising private sector resources for infrastructure development in the country

NIDA hosts the monthly Infrastructure Talk Shop – infraTALK – where experts are invited to speak on particular aspects of the Infrastructure Ecosystem; covering Transport, Power & Energy, Water & Sanitation, ICT, Engineering & Construction, Law, Climate Change, Urbanisation, Security, etc, etc. InfraTalk is purely a technical, inter-professional meeting which holds in a relaxed and collegial setting for sharing insights through dynamic tailor-made sessions. Come on board. Get to know the other NIDA members better.

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